About Us

REVEL AGENCY is a small but dedicated team of Digital Experts and Internet Marketing
Specialists who passionate about helping you law firm succeed online. Our focus is on providing effective legal marketing strategies that help you attract and convert more clients. 

Meet the REVEL Team

Widley Vil

Founder and CEO

Widley, by his own admission, is an internet junkie and tech nerd who loves “The Internet of Things” and has been building websites for 5 years. As the man-in-charge, his hands-on approach across all departments guides our growth and manages our mission, which ensures exceptional strategies and solutions for our clients – boosting business and bottom lines, one happy client at a time.

James Tabalingcos

Content Manager

James is a legal consultant and entrepreneur who got into digital marketing purely out of his love for writing. Little did he know that this love affair would spur a passion for helping websites and business grow and become valuable. With his Juris Doctor and MBA, James dreams of making the world a better place by supporting people in both their passions and business goals.

Ariel Fox


Ariel is a talented photographer, cinematographer and video editor who will bring your brand, and your message, to life through a visual journey uniquely crafted to enchant and delight your audience in a truly irresistible and alluring style. Ariel has a B-Degree in Psychology, enjoys hiking and training outdoors and, in his spare time, he can be found ‘shooting’ sport stars at major events.

Our team is small but dedicated, and we pride ourselves on providing exceptional service to our clients. We understand the challenges of legal marketing and work closely with you to develop customized solutions that deliver results.
Talk to us TODAY and discover how the exciting and exhilarating REVEL Digital Experience will add remarkable value to your business!

Most importantly, at REVEL we believe it’s not About Us at all
It’s All About YOU!