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Designing your law firm’s website – 7 bet practices for 2022

Ready for us to build your law firm website? Let us share several tips that we’ve learned over the years of helping law firms establish themselves. 

  1. Put your website visitors first. 

Your law firm undoubtedly has a lot of information to offer—how it has won previous cases, the type of law practiced, etc. Finding the right way to present that information in an intuitive manner is essential to engaging with website visitors. How can you set up your website in a manner that allows them to most efficiently—and effortlessly—navigate to the information they need to see? Accessibility is also a concern here—can everyone who needs to see the website able to?

  1. Have your contact information visible and easy to locate on your law firm website

When it comes time for your potential clients to engage with your law firm, they’ll need an easy, direct manner of doing so. Make sure that your contact information is easy to find on your website. In short, the easier a path they have to communicate with you, the more likely they are to continue communicating with you.

  1. Make your law firm website easy-to-use

Website design can be make-or-break for potential clients. If they feel overwhelmed or confused, they may be tempted to navigate back to another Google result. When considering these factors, err on the side of making your website easy-to-use. You’ll encourage people to keep engaging with the website, and more time on your website means higher likelihood of a new client. 

  1. Consider the essential pages

Continuing off our same theme of making the right information easy-to-find, the essential pages are your cornerstones to signaling to your potential clients who you are, how to work with you, and more. That said, these specific pages can be difficult to identify, and different marketing professionals will suggest different approaches. We believe in a personalized approach: the same four essential pages for other services and law firms will not be the same four pages for your law firm. That said, we have found that these general pages end up being the ones that potential clients to law firms are interested in seeing:

  • About 
  • Contact
  • Blog
  • Testimonials
  • Fees

This covers your main bases: who you are, how to communicate with you, how much potential clients can be expected to budget, and why you’re the law firm to go with.

  1. Utilize calls to action

Information without action can be a little paralyzing. What do potential clients do with their sensations of trust? If a potential client reads your blog and testimonials and thinks, “this is the perfect law firm for me,” how can you encourage them to turn that feeling into action? 

A call to action turns information into engagement. For a law firm, this can be anything from “Call us today for a consultation” to “Book a call to learn more.” Let us brainstorm with you!

  1. Keep brand colors consistent throughout the website

Consistency with marketing can help potential clients remember your law firm and associate your colors and visual elements with your message. In this case, brand colors are the most important: colors are a simple, effective way of building a visual, memorable connection with your law firm. 

Additionally, brand colors on your website will ultimately tie into other marketing materials: traditional advertising materials, print ads, etc. Build momentum and a brand identity through consistent colors that start on your website. 

  1. Make sure that it’s mobile-friendly

Mobile users constituted more than half of all website visitors last year, meaning that making your website mobile-friendly is a must. Designing with this in mind can entail a holistic process to thinking through your website: will the same elements that shine on desktop also shine on mobile? Is the same information being presented in both formats? 

A website can serve as the foundation of your law firm’s identity and help you build momentum in your marketing materials. As we’ve pointed to in other marketing blog posts, we believe that most marketing approaches tie into each other—a potential client watching TV will need a website to visit, and a link through a PPC ad can bring someone to your “Contact” page in seconds. We’re here to help.

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