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Revel Digital Agency Podcast is an inaugural show curated to provide innovative updates from within the digital marketing industry. Designed to supply attorneys and their firms with informative conversations, advice, and tips. This podcast is dedicated to discussing information, including the latest news, tools, strategies, and ideas to enhance your digital marketing techniques, whilst also exploring hot topics and professional insights. Find time in your day to alter your perspective, learn something new and ignite your curiosity.

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Episode 8

Tracking your Marketing Metrics: Everything you need to know as an Attorney

In today's episode, we will talk about how paramount it is to track the metrics of the digital marketing campaign for your law firm. Initially, let's discuss some basics about digital marketing and its metrics.

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Episode 7

How a Good PPC Campaign Can Make or Break Your Law Firm?

How a Good PPC Campaign Can Make or Break Your Law Firm?

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Episode 6

Have You Heard? Email Marketing Is Your Best Bet To Grow Your Law Firm

Widley Vil presented this topic and covered ideas such as How email marketing can help you grow and expand? …But more importantly what is the way to use it effectively?

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Episode 5

Sandler François: Great Legal Professional or Lousy Digital Marketer? How I Made My Choice

Sandler Francois, Owner of Premier Paralegal, joins Revel Agency on how lawyers who are great with practicing law shouldn't try and also master digital marketing.

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Episode 4

How Important Is A Good Website?

For this episode, we discuss 10 must-haves for your next website project to make life easier for you and your firm.

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Episode 3

Do Reviews Impact Your Law Firm?

In this episode, we will discuss what happens when people leave reviews for your law firm, how to feel about negative reviews, and the stakes behind it.

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Episode 2

Why Does Advertising Work for Lawyers?

Welcome to today’s episode where we will discuss why advertising works for Lawyers of any practice. Advertising can be online, in person, or on paper. There are so many strategies to recruit for your law firm. Join me as we dive deep into advertising as a lawyer.

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Episode 1

What is Google Local Ads?

Google Local Services Ads are an increasingly popular paid option for lawyers. In this episode, Widley shares everything you need to know to start using Google Local Ads.