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Generate Better Leads with a Great Legal Website

In today’s world of digital marketing and advertising, websites serve as the focal point for a brand. This means that for every company and individual hoping to sell a service, their website needs to reflect their overall vision and message. Many times, a website alone can be the make-or-break difference in being hired and being passed over for another option.

Many lawyers mention this connection as a manner of noting their popularity among search engines and/or their capacity to sign cases. This makes a lot of sense—having a good website and online presence ultimately ensures that:

Potential clients can find you, refer back to you, and share your information
You have a central image that may solidify your legitimacy and reputation as a law firm that potential clients can trust

In the past, we’ve talked about how other marketing tools—like a blog—can really revitalize your online presence. But nothing speaks more to “online presence” than the website itself, and it’s important to choose the right method for building, maintaining, and establishing this website. While some today may opt for website building platforms over hand-coded websites, those platforms come with many disadvantages. First and foremost, these platforms pigeonhole your online presence into one of several themes. Most potential clients will already have associated with other brands using the same platforms. In a word, they’re unoriginal.

An accurate legal website

You know that’s why we recommend hand-coded websites or websites built from scratch. With the right developer and the right support, operating such websites can be just as easier—if not easier—than managing one with a website building platform, and you gain numerous advantages in uniqueness, design, and functionality. We like to say that design and coding go hand-in-hand when it comes to making a great website. Because the coding ensures the functionality you need to dream big, design big, and win big. Don’t shortchange your own ideas and your own brand by picking platforms that will limit your vision.

What all do we offer by coding your website from scratch? For one, we developers can promise that your site will be as fast as possible through optimization. That is unique to you and your website elements—design, images, things you want to include. In today’s world, conversion is closely tied to website speed, meaning that if your website is just a fraction of a second too slow, you may risk losing clients, especially when other websites are faster and deliver them information in half the time. In short, we make your website fast, and that’s huge for signing cases.

Responsivity is also tied to speed. When we talk about optimization, we also promise that your website will be responsive. Since we know that potential clients care about website speed. We also know that they’re going to want snappy, responsive sites. If they click on elements that aren’t optimized and need to wait for information they need, they may navigate away.


We also promise security. It is no secret that today’s world of cybersecurity has grown in importance, and enabling the safekeeping of data ensures that your data, client data, and more, is kept private. With hackers, malware, and online threats becoming more prevalent, websites need to be kept safe, especially when consider how your reputation can be severely damaged after even one successful security breach. In short, Google will notice your website’s lack of security, warn potential clients. Clients will associate that risk with your brand. Coding your website from scratch means that we can ensure that it’s as safe as possible by following state-of-the-art practices in cybersecurity.

Most importantly, by building your legal website from scratch, we also control the user experience. We can guide how users interact with your website, encouraging them to email, chat, or call you and your firm. How is this possible? As we mentioned before, design is closely tied to our capacity to code and work in whatever direction we want. Websites from scratch will always offer more flexibility—and, by design, they’ll let us build in ways that best tap into your potential client base and that best understand how they’ll want to interact with your website.

Why you choose Revel Agency?

We’re proud of every single legal website we build, and that’s because we know that every website we build contributes toward success. Book a consultation today and let us explore potential options for building your website!

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Legal Website

Generate Better Leads with a Great Legal Website

In today’s world of digital marketing and advertising, websites serve as…