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Webinar hosting – the secret weapon every law firm should consider!

Webinars are unique marketing tools in today’s digital space as they encourage dialogue among potential leads and companies. Whereas other content can be one-sided, being consumed at a distance. Webinars put you face-to-face with some of the people who may end up being your clients! For this very reason, we recommend considering this option as a potential weapon to include in your arsenal moving forward—and, furthermore, we can help you identify how to best utilize webinars so that they contribute to your digital marketing efforts in an efficient and effective manner.

Easy to set up

Webinars can seem daunting in a sense: you have to coordinate an event, promote the event’s success, and ensure that all the technical aspects run well. However, we like to think of webinars in a different light. If you can run a video meeting, you can run a webinar! More than likely, in the past year, you’ve attended Zoom meetings and Zoom Q&As that involve the vital components of a webinar: a presentation, and a Q&A, which experts consider to be a non-negotiable part of webinars. Put in this way, consider webinars to be a more elaborate way of presenting information through the same digital tools. It put you face-to-face with others in digital space. With webinars, however, you’re also going to consider several formats: single-speaker, panel, interviews, or, just Q&A, or any combination of these.

Once you have an idea of how you’re going to structure your webinar, the actual set up is very easy, especially considering the vast amount of digital tools available today: GoToMeeting, Zoom, or, even Google Meet, which can accommodate up to 100 people. Pick a date and a time, preferably in the morning on a weekday, and take time before the webinar to promote it the same as you might an event: send out newsletter updates, generate social media content with the date and time, and, in general, be consistent in spreading out this information. Why? In general, you’re going to find that only a percentage of the registered attendees actually attend, and, while a good percentage of attendees may register on the actual day of the event, this means that consistently promoting your webinar and clarifying its details may be just as important as the webinar itself.

In summary:

choose your preferred software (e.g. GoToMeeting, Zoom, and Google Meet) and set a date and time, preferably in the morning on a weekday. Consistently market and spread information about the webinar beforehand.

Display your expertise and answer potential questions for postrenal clients

As mentioned, the Q&A portion—and overall engagement of webinars—ensures that you can have genuine moments with potential clients and qualified leads to display your expertise. In the example we’ve chosen for this blog, imagine your law firm specializes in advocating for clients in postrenal recovery. These clients, curious about their options, may want to learn more about your firm and their potential options before committing. Their questions—and your answers—resemble mini-interviews in which you assure them that you understand their needs and can deliver on their case. We say qualified leads because, as these potential clients come to you. They’re already halfway through the door in considering you as the best option to represent them on the case.

That said, you can tailor your webinar presentation to speak to any topic. You can narrow your topic in a way that appeals to your desired audience. By identifying your expertise and presenting information on it in an organized, easy-to-follow webinar. You’re giving potential clients the confidence they need to choose you as their solution.

Consider this idea of displaying your expertise in another light: your webinar is a preview, and a touch of free legal advice, for those potential clients who may be on the fence and that audience that wants to verify your competence in the field.

Bring on new cases for your firm

Building off this idea of displaying your expertise, webinars will undoubtedly bring on new cases for your firm. Displaying your expertise, showing how you engage with clients, and giving them a preview of your services. All of these benefits of webinars ensure that you’re making the best impression possible on potential cases and clients who are already interested in the possibility of working with you.

What does this mean in terms of closing these deals and turning this engagement into new cases? The buzz generated from webinars can’t be taken for granted. That’s why we recommend reaching out and following up with your audience. Ater the webinar to ensure that they have a line of communication open with your firm. Show them that you’re easily accessible and readily available. A pleasure to connect with by starting an email thread and giving them the contact information they need. This step, post-webinar, is just as vital as the webinar itself.

Also, consider asking for feedback from your participants and following up with content related to the webinar itself. For example, you chose to record your webinar, you can edit it, repackage it, and present it in new content. They may be interesting to the participants, especially if they wanted to revisit the webinar anyways. This way, they can match their notes with your content, and stay connected to your firm.

Our recommendation:

Don’t underestimate the power of webinars. Try this quick process as a mental exercise to see if webinars might work for you: identify your firm’s area of expertise, identify a potential speaker and presentation topic related to that expertise, and set a date and time to talk about it through a digital communication tool. That’s it! When you have your webinar set, don’t forget to market it beforehand and to follow up afterward to ensure maximum engagement and optimized return-on-investment.

Of course, REVEL is always happy to help with your digital marketing needs. We can help you with your webinars. Help you establish an online presence that grows your firm and brand to new levels. Reach out today on a free discovery call to learn more about how we can help you!

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